We are a small, but complete studio from Clearwater, FL providing a standard of perfection and excellence for our clients and the web.



Providing services in web design, web development and web hosting, we can help with all of your small business website needs. Using proper design and web standards, our approach to small business web design is simple; craft custom websites for the small business owner that reach their goals, engage their customers, stand out from their competitors and allow their business to grow online.


From simple business cards, to flyer design, brochure design, poster design, digital art and photo manipulation, we love showcasing brands through print, and can help bring your ideas or unique ad to life. We enjoy solving problems, with a set standard of delivering your message and ensuring your brand stands out through creative, beautiful and meaningful design. Let’s get creative together!


We work with any size network from individuals just starting out with a small business that only requires a few workstations to large businesses that have a need for AAA. We also pride ourselves on budgeted scalability, as we can provision the best hardware needed at reasonable costs to you. Working with one team while keeping everything under one roof, we can provide you with the reliability and comfort you and your business need.

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Our Process

“Perfection has to do with the end product, excellence has to do with the process” – Jerry Moran


During our initial meeting, we will ask plenty of questions, so that we can learn as much as we can about you, your business, your customers, your vision and your goals. This becomes the laying foundation to a great working relationship, and an end product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Planning and Research

The very next step for us is to have an effective planning and research stage. This includes research on both your company, industry, competitors and customers. In order to be successful, a thorough understanding regarding these factors is a must. How are we going to build for brand consistency? How are the clients customers going to use the site, what type of audience must we design around and what is the best way to make their experience on your website a pleasing one? What steps are needed to build a safe networking infrastructure, what is the best suited security set up for your business? In order to be a success, a strong planning and research stage must be taken, and not be rushed. Once we have a solid understanding of who we are building for and what steps must be taken to be a success, we begin our third process stage: Design.


This is one of our favorite stages. Designing is where we finally bring your vision and goals to life. Gathering our information, we begin to sketch, wireframe and mock up your website design, or begin to layout your small business networking infrastructure. We are rarely satisfied with our first ideas, so several designs are brought together before deciding on the final design. After several designs are completed, we go over them with you and discuss why and how we had come to our final decisions and how it benefits you. After your approval and decision on the final design concept, we prepare to begin our next stage: Development.


By this stage, we have a clear understanding of your goals, your audience and how to design for them and your small business. During the development stage, your business and customers are still very much considered. The development stage can be the most time consuming stage of the project. as so many considerations have to be accounted for, such as desktops, tablets and smart phones. Once we have completed the development stage - we’re almost complete, but we have to test first, which is the fifth stage of our process.


We’re getting close to the official launch. However stage 5 - is equally important as any other stage as we have to test. Before going live, we need to make sure your website is built to standards, and provides the visitor a great user experience. If a new networking infrastructure has been developed set up, we need to make sure it is safe, secure and error free. We have come a long way, and we are reaching our final stage of the design, development and networking infrastructure process. So without further ado, let’s officially move to our final stage: the launch!


We’ve made it! By this stage, we have had a great initial meeting, found out a lot about you, your business and your customers. We’ve had great brainstorming sessions, enjoyed designing several composition ideas, and had a great time developing and bringing your business vision, goals and ideas to life. All though this may be the last stage in our design and development process, we are still available to help you long after your launch. We will continue to touch base with you to see how you and your business are doing. and will always be available to you for any questions you may have, or if you have another vision or goal you would like to talk about, let us know - we’re all ears and we would love to help!

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Anclote Harbors Service

Anclote Harbors Service





Our mission is to provide small businesses with a one stop solution for their web and design needs. From network set ups to business cards, our services are tailored specifically for the small business owner, allowing them to concentrate on their business while knowing that their needs are met in a professional, friendly and affordable way.

We welcome the opportunity to help you and your small business

About Us

Brian Jones

I am behind the art direction and designs here at ideal WINDS, am a believer in web standards, and I love beautiful & meaningful design. An artist since the age of 4, I enjoyed a full summer at the Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Fl, and was once offered a job to work for Disney at the age of 16. I truly enjoy the evolving field of web and design, and I love working with business owners, providing creative solutions and bringing their vision to life. If you do not find me improving my skill set, or learning the new trends and standards that occur daily in our field, you will catch me enjoying time with my family, friends, reading or bringing my creative ideas to life inside Photoshop.

Kent Jones

I’ve been tinkering with computers since the 386-SX/BBS days which has led to a love and fascination for all things tech. Since networking is a fundamental must for any computer nowadays, it was only natural to choose a career in the field. I currently hold a MCSA for Server 2012 and Linux System Administration Certification along with a degree in Network Administration, while continuing my education in network engineering and security. Of course, education should never stop in the classroom. When I’m not studying for my classes, or the next certification exam, I’m reading and testing out the new methods, techniques, and technologies that are revealed every day.

Our willingness to always improve, learn and become the best at what we do, allows us to not only have the opportunity to help our industry, but also to provide only the best in quality and service for our clients, no matter how large or small the project.

"Kent Jones, with IdealWINDS, was nothing but stellar in our interactions. He was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable when creating our bridged network. "

− Richard Haase @ Anclote Harbors Marina

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